Young couple ‘fake engagement’ to get upgraded to posh room at the swanky Shard

Rhian Smith and Harry Collins travelled to London for a romantic weekend away on December 3, and decided to fake their engagement for a room upgrade and free dessert

They say you should ‘fake it until you make it,’ and that’s exactly what one couple did, when they faked their engagement to get hold of a free dessert and hotel upgrade at London’s luxurious Shard.

Rhian Smith even went as far as borrowing her mum’s ring when taking a trip away to the capital with boyfriend Harry Collins on December 3.

The couple, from Liverpool, took photos which show them dressed up in smart black clothing to enjoy their “special” night, with Rhian posting their successful con on social media.

“Borrowing me mums engagement ring to get a hotel room upgrade and a free [dessert] in the shard tonight,” Rhian wrote on Twitter. “We just got engaaaaaged can we have a bigger room pls.”

It’s no secret that staying at the Shard is pretty pricey, with superior rooms in the luxurious hotel costing upward of £795 around this time of year – stretching to £1,045 for city views – while one of its restaurants charges £188 for a wagyu tomahawk steak.

The next morning, Rhian shared a photo of the free desserts they received as part of their devious plan, with the word ‘congratulations’ written in chocolate across the plate.

Her tweet has since gone viral, wracking up several thousand likes and hundreds of retweets, with the majority of people amused by their antics.

“That’s quality,” one Twitter user while another said they “can only rate it.” Others, however, were slightly less impressed, with one branding her a “cheap b*” and another calling them “pathetic.”

Meanwhile, another tagged the Shard’s official Twitter account and they “bet @TheShardLondon @ShangriLaHotels are loving having the p*** taken out of them!”