‘I spent a fortune on boy’s clothes – only to give birth to a baby girl’

TikTok user Charlie Smith was ready to welcome a baby boy into the world after five scans told her she’d be having a son, but was shocked when she gave birth to a girl

Not everyone wants to know the sex of their baby before they give birth, but getting the news ahead of time can help parents plan ahead and buy clothes, toys, and other items for their impending arrival.

But one mum on TikTok has learned that scans to determine sex aren’t always 100% accurate – after she was told five times she’d be having a boy, but instead welcomed a little girl.

Charlie Smith, who posts under the username @charliebwsmith, posted a video in which she documented her pregnancy journey, and shared snaps of the various times she spoke about having a boy.

In one part of the video, Charlie and her partner fired a gender reveal cannon with blue smoke, while in another part she and her friends tucked into cupcakes with blue icing on top at her baby shower.

The video – which was set to the TikTok favourite track Oh No by Kreepa – also included a picture of herself holding her baby bump alongside the words: “Me and my baby boy.”

Charlie even spent around £400 on clothes for her baby, many of which were in stereotypical “boy” colours of various shades of blue.

Towards the end of the video, the new mum shared a picture in which she expressed her concerns about her baby’s sex.

She explained: “I keep getting so worried that I’m actually going to give birth to a girl, and I have nothing for her.”

And Charlie then cut to the birth of her baby, when she revealed she had in fact welcomed a daughter.

The video concluded with a picture of a large pink balloon display reading “It’s A Girl”, and a snap of her new baby daughter – Ellie Rai Rees.

Charlie explained her situation in the comments, where she revealed she was told five times during her pregnancy that her baby would be a boy.

She wrote: “I had five scans telling me it was a boy. Also, it’s your own decision if you want to find out your baby’s gender, nobody else gets a say.”

The video has received over 14,000 likes, and many of the commenters were quick to remind Charlie about unisex options in baby clothes.

One person wrote: “I always get in unisex stuff just in case. We have always been told that it ‘looks like’ a boy or a girl, not that it definitely is. It’s been right so far but you just never know.”

While another said: “Precisely why you should always buy gender neutral clothes for the newborn stage.”

And a third agreed, adding: “I honest to God thought this was going to happen to me so I bought neutral everything just in case.”

Other commenters who were also expecting were shocked by the news, as they started to worry their scans would be wrong too.

Someone said: “Oh god don’t, I’ve had dreams about this!”

As someone else added: “I don’t claim these negative vibes. They told me three times I’m having a boy and I’ve bought all boy stuff.”