Landlord praised for touching gesture to single mum ahead of Christmas

Baylee Cheyann, from Arizona, US, posted a photo on Twitter to shares the kind-hearted act of her landlord ahead of Christmas – and the post racked up thousands of comments

A kindhearted couple who went above and beyond to show some kindness to their tenant went viral after the grateful mum shared it online.

With many struggling after an extremely tough two years thanks to the coronavirus crisis, it has been harder for many of us in the run-up to Christmas.

Now one couple’s attempt to spread a little cheer this winter left many in tears – as the simple gesture meant so much.

Mum Baylee Cheyann, from Arizona, US, posted a screengrab of her conversation with her landlords on Twitter to share the kind-hearted act – and shared how much it meant to her.

The message from Zach and Jennifer said: “Hi Girls- Hope the two of you are well!!

“We want to reduce rent by 200$ this month to help prep for the holidays. Spoil those babies, buy a few extra sides for Thanksgiving or just reduce some financial stress.

“We know it’s not much but wanted to show some appreciation to the both of you!! Blessings your way this Holiday season.”

Baylee added: “I’d like to add that this is the second time they’ve lowered our rent by $200.

“There was a month my finances were f* up, they let me pay 10 days late with no fees. they’re always willing to fix things immediately. they’re truly such! nice! people! We’re very lucky.

“I had literal PTSD at the thought of attempting to move back out of my parents’ house with the kids after my divorce. I’m so happy to have such gracious and kind people to rent from during this sensitive transition period in my life!”

People were left touched by the kindness, with one joking: “@ my landlord…take notes.”

Another wrote: “My landlord was so patient with me and so helpful. During covid when I lost my job, I could pay rent at all. I was about 2 months behind and she let stay and signed me up for rental assistance. I was so grateful.

“She even lowered the amount I owed by 500 and gave it to me to help.”

Baylee shared the post with the couple, and Jennifer replied: “Aww we really appreciate both of you guys for being so patient, understanding, and easygoing.

“Hope you guys enjoy the holidays and that these next few months get better for you. That Twitter post had me literally laughing out loud. Too funny.

Zach added: “Baylee no problem at all!! We want the best for you guys always…people should be nicer more often!”